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One False Move

Misdaad | Film | 1u 45m

One False Move image

They did it for money. For power. And for fun. Two ruthless drug dealers commit a brutal mass murder in Los Angeles and are forced to flee the state. And when Fantasia, their beautiful accomplice, begs to go home to Arkansas, she unwittingly leads them into the eye of the hurricane. Waiting for them in Arkansas is an unlikely arsenal of law enforcers that includes two cynical L.A. cops and one eager, small-town sheriff. Sheriff Dale "Hurricane" Dixon has waited all his life for a major bust, and he's ready to meet these big city killers with his own brand of small-town justice. But when Fantasia arrives ahead of the gunmen, she brings with her a shattering secret from Hurricane's own past. All it takes to bring him down now is one woman... one bullet... or "One False Move."

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Over One False Move


1u 45m







Carl Franklin


Mea Combs

Layne Beamer

Don Brunner

Duncan Rouleau

Max Segar

J. Robert Bailey

John Mahon

Deniese Payne

Loren Tyler

June Jones

Derrick Williams

Phyllis Sutton

Jimmy Bridges

Meredith 'Jeta' Donovan

Phyllis Kirklin

Kevin Hunter

Robert Anthony Bell

Robert Ginnaven

Jim Metzler

Natalie Canerday

Earl Billings

Michael Beach

Cynda Williams

Billy Bob Thornton

Bill Paxton

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